Project meetings

Project meetings and bilateral meetings for Negative in 2013-2015

Project meeting in Berlin, Germany 22-23 November 2013

The project included visits and meetings/brainstorming sessions:

* Visiting the production-school of sawmill in Koenigsallee, Grunewald. Discussion with the trainers and leaders of this centre
* Reading and discussion: Helga Schubert and her book "Die Welt da drinnen" and the time of unworthy life in the 3. Reich because of "negative body", mental an psychological illness.
* Round Table to become acquainted with each other's experiences, with the time-sharing method
* What does "Negativ Body Image" mean in our point of view?
* Guided tour of the Reichstag

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Project meeting in Stavanger, Norway 30 April - 3 May 2014

The project included teambuilding, a presentation, partner presentations and discussion/brainstorming sessions:

* Teambuilding trip to Preikestolen mountain
* Dr Martin Persson lectures on Appearance issues: Group discussions, plenary sessions, partner presentations etc.
* Project content explanation and background future plans

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Project meeting in Berlin, Germany, 23-24 April 2015

The project included visits to vocational education schools, presentations and workshops, as well as discussion/brainstorming sessions:

23.4. Visit and workshops at Hans-Böckler-Schule

* What are the elements of Body Image?
* Collecting messures and activities to handle the problems in schools, lessons, further education for teachers and trainers
* Drop-out and it’s reason
* I’m the mother of my brother. Biografic reconstructions and educational climbing (Lebenswege): Dr. Hans-Jürgen Lindemann und Dr. Rudi Pelz
* Andreas Polster: Understanding of individual cases. A method for further education and Supervision – with two concrete examples
* Angela Hopkins: Introduction in the method of Clowning by playing and acting

24.4. Visit and workshops at Annedore-Leber-Bildungswerk vocational institute

* Markus Winkler: visit of the institution, withworkshops and lecture about psychological problems, methodics within differentation in vocational trainings of handicaped people
* Marina Hühmer (Senat administration for Education, Youth and Science) Lecture: Psychological counceling and its organisation in the vocational training system in Berlin. 
* Bernd Sörensen (Comenius-Schule): Autismus in der Schule – Leiden unter Anderssein


Greeting Words: Maria-Luise Löper, The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellory
Dorlies Radike-Thiel: Center of Competence in International Relations
Key-note: "Inklusion in der beruflichen Bildung",  Professor Dr. Josef  Rützel, Darmstadt, and Replic by Ralf Jahnke (Senat administration for Education, Youth and Science)

In addition, Bilateral meetings and conferences:


Bilateral meeting Turkey-Germany in Berlin December 2014 (document below)


Bilateral meeting Finland-Germany in Helsinki 13-15 May 2015


PDF-tiedostoNEGATİVE BODY İMAGEmay2015(1).pdf (2.0 MB)
Turkish meeting in Istanbul
PDF-tiedostoBerlin Meeting2014.pdf (1.8 MB)
Turkish meeting in Berlin December 2014
PDF-tiedostoAboutmetegder(1).pdf (639 kB)
Turkish partner organisation Metegder

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