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Presentations on Negative Body Image

Tuntematon tiedostomuotoPresentation Body Image english IS.pptx (1.8 MB)
Considerations on Negative Body Image Project, INBANK Berlin
Tuntematon tiedostomuotoNegative_Body_Image_Finnish_Perspective_Pres.pptx (844 kB)
Negative Body Image - Finnish Perspectives, LFI Helsinki
PDF-tiedostoANGELA-Pingo-Ergo-Sum-15.pdf (7.0 MB)
Angela Pingo's I'm a Living Sculpture.

Country presentations

PDF-tiedostoFinland Country presentation.pdf (3.8 MB)
Finland Country Presentation
PDF-tiedostoEuropaboXX.pdf (520 kB)
EuropaboXX - BücherboXX brochure.

Training material

PDF-tiedostoNegative project Body Quotations(1).pdf (98 kB)
Negative Body Image - Quotation Flashcards
PDF-tiedostoNegative Song Lyrics.pdf (200 kB)
Negative Body Image - Song Lyrics exercises
MS Word -tiedostoClowning description.docx (18 kB)
Clowning method description.
PDF-tiedostoDiversity flashcards - Walk a mile in my shoes.pdf (6.6 MB)
Diversity flashcards - Walk a mile in my shoes, diversity game.
MS Word -tiedostoEngl. Kutt-NBI-Fragen für Interviews der Partner.docx (17 kB)
Questions for interviews regarding negative body-image.
PDF-tiedostoNegative Body-images questions.pdf (70 kB)
Negative Body Image - Question Flashcards

Presentations on Vocational Education and Training

PowerPoint-esitysDual system_EN.ppt (1.3 MB)
Dual education system in Germany.
MS Word -tiedostoInclusion in Vocational Education in Germany.doc (45 kB)
Inclusion in Vocational Education in Germany.
MS Word -tiedostoAbbruch in der Berufsbildung_ENG AND GER.docx (18 kB)
Dropbouts in Vocational Training.
PDF-tiedostoALBBW Info.pdf (1.3 MB)
Annedore-Leber-Berufsbildungswerk Berlin - Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Center
PDF-tiedostoCWA-CogniScope-Everett-Students.04.27.09.pdf (3.7 MB)
A study on school dropouts.
MS Word -tiedostoKulturelle Kompetenzen in der Berufsbildung.doc (32 kB)
Cultural competences as cross-cutting issues in vocational education on behalf of sustainable development (in German).
PDF-tiedostoBenking-Start-TEAM-DROP_OUT-collage.pdf (2.2 MB)
Dropout collage.

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